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In a 2019 survey conducted by Thales, companies were asked to rank current data security threats.

Respondents ranked external threat actors such as cyber-criminals, cyber-terrorists and Hacktivists as the most pressing threat they are facing:


Under The Breach are utilizing confidential sources within exclusive cyber-crime forums and identified the most critical attack vectors used by cyber criminals today.

We offer our customers unparalleled pre-breach information on their companies and clients.

Under The Breach’s highly-precise alert system allows companies to know exactly what online threats they face in order to take action proactively, before a costly data breach can occur.

Our boots-on-the-ground approach to cyber-criminal threats, developed by elite IDF intelligence alumni, grants us the ability to not only protect your employees and digital assets, but also identify threats facing the dearest asset of your company — your customers.

Bottom-line: our mission is to prevent the next data breach in your company’s database so we could save your company millions of dollars.

IBM’S Cost of a Data Breach Report [2]

A close to heart example of a costly data breach is MGM Resort, in February Under The Breach broke the news that a database of 10,600,000 guests that stayed in MGM Resort in Las Vegas was posted in a hacking forum for everyone to grab, it got covered by ZDNet, NYTimes, CNBC, and other news outlets.

Among the victims were Justin Bieber, Jack Dorsey, DHS, and TSA officials, but most importantly - MGM’s reputation

Moreover, the company now faces a lawsuit over the leaked content which could settle for very costly fines. For reference, British Airways are facing a 230M GDPR fine for a similar 2018 data breach[3].

It is worth mentioning that the day Under The Breach broke the news, MGM’s stock ($MGM) dropped by 2.94%, resulting in a loss of $450,000,000!

How are we different?

For years, being part of the most secretive cyber-criminal communities, which security professionals only know by name, taught us that when it comes to protecting your organization, the biggest threat facing it are real financially motivated threat actors.

We know how hackers think, we know how to talk to them.

For pricing: contact@underthebreach.com

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Data breach monitoring and prevention, providing Cybercrime investigations and insights. www.underthebreach.com 🇮🇱 https://www.linkedin.com/in/alon-gal-utb/

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